Magic of creative expression

Animation, digital and transmedia content, campaigns, photography and videography.

The power of inspiration shines through everything we do.


Creative expression comes in many wonderful forms which we always try to capture in our work.

Amulet studio is the full service company equipped to provide its clients with creative and innovative solutions in the field of production of animated films, creation of promotional campaigns and ads, transmedia content, photography, branding and visual identity.

Our strategic thinking and experience help us find the best way to meet the needs of our clients, enhance their communication and promote their services. Right at the start we have quickly grown into the regional full production house capable of producing promotional campaigns and animated films, creating and maintaining the social media content, giving good advice and expertise to various companies and institutions.

Highly motivated team of our enthusiasts is dedicated to finding out the most creative solutions that always surprise and enchant. Whether you need an out of the box promotional campaign, an educational cartoon or advice for your strategic communication, you can rest assured we'll find an innovative approach to all your needs.

Essential office stats

56 emoticons

are used in our business correspondence each week

Every 4 days

someone forgets his or her mobile phone charger at home

10% of time

is spent on laughter during our meetings with clients

256 hazel-nuts

get eaten each week at brainstormings of our staff

3 times a week

our office plants get regularly watered

What we do

From strategy to realisation... we offer the wide range of services which will transfom your unique vision into reality.

Amulet studio is a regional agency providing services worldwide through its network of partners.



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